Slip On Your Reading Trunks and Dive In

Summer reading can get a bad rap as "homework on vacation." However, naysayers may change their tune if they find the right book. With that in mind, Falmouth Academy Librarian Britta Santamauro compiled a compelling list of titles specially curated for middle-school appeal. She is committed to turning the most avowed bibliophobe into a bibliophile. 

Here are some tried and true tips for encouraging reading:
  1. Read by example (show that you value and enjoy reading—and keep reading material laying around)
  2. Go graphic (novels, comics, or manga, I mean—they can be less intimidating)
  3. Read with your ears (listen to audiobooks together—it's still reading)
  4. Buddy read (find a family read or even read-aloud together—they really aren't too old)
  5. 15-minute workout (yes, reading builds mental muscle so build a daily practice)
Falmouth Academy helps students become thoughtful, observant readers, clear analytical writers, and confident, skillful speakers. Students come to regard reading and writing as familiar, habitual activities. Click here to learn more about FA's approach to reading and writing or if you want to learn more about the school, click here to schedule a visit or take a tour.

So to quote Roy Blount, Jr., "Slip on your goggles and your reading trunks, for the sun is high. Let me leave you with one more thought. In what season of the year do we find ourselves - I'm speaking for a moment in terms of the physical world - wading through things? Surf. Kelp. Books. Summer."


Jennifer Chan Not Alone
Tae Keller 

Adventure Now
Jess Redman

Osmo Unknown and the Eightpenny Woods
Catherynne Valente
The Bookshop of Dust and Dreams
Mindy Thompson

Dear Student
Elly Swartz

Wave Riders
Lauren St. John

Ali Standish

The Last Mapmaker
Christina Soontornvat

Ice House
Monica Sherwood

Omar Rising
Aisha Saeed

Atlantis, the Accidental Invasion
Gregory Mone

Swallows Flight
Hilary McKay
Frankie and Amelia
Cammie McGovern

A Darkening of Dragons
S.A. Patrick

Zombie Problems
K.G. Campbell

54 Things Wrong with Gwendolyn Rogers
Caela Carter

The Lock-Eater
Zack Loran Clark

The Shelterlings
Sarah Beth Durst

Voyage Sparrowhawk
Natasha Farrant

Frankie & Bug
Gayle Forman

Alice Austen Lived Here
Alex Gino

Across the Desert
Dusti Bowling
The Swallowtail Legacy 1: Wreck at Ada's Reef
Michael D. Beil

Samira Surfs
Rukhsanna Guidroz

Those Kids from Fawn Creek
Erin Entrada Kelly

Answers in the Pages
David Levithan
Answers in the Pages

Parent Resource: Trelease on Reading (check out the brochures)
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