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Social and Emotional Wellness

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    Ms. Carol DiFalco 

    School Counselor and DE&I Coordinator
As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Carol DiFalco has been practicing in the Falmouth area for the past 15 years. Her background in Clinical Mental Health working in non-profit, clinical and educational settings brings a broad perspective to working with adolescents and children who are experiencing anxiety, depression, life challenges, and emotional health difficulties.
“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”
- Henry David Thoreau

Social and Emotional Wellness

The counseling office is a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where students can find support with emotional and social challenges. School Counselor Carol DiFalco, LCMH addresses issues that are beyond the scope of the classroom teacher or advisor. Students are welcome to schedule a time to talk or stop by on a drop-in basis.
The school counseling office provides resources for students and families on emotional and social developmental needs. At the parents' request, the school counseling office can assist with referrals, and as needed, collaboration with mental health providers.
Monthly parent discussion groups are offered by the school counselor, addressing various topics relevant to adolescent social and emotional development. Location and times vary to accommodate parents' schedules. Please refer to the school calendar for upcoming meetings.


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  • Wellness for Life Curriculum

    Grade-level wellness classes are woven into the science curriculum and taught by School Counselor Carol DiFalco, LCMH.
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  • Human Rights Academy

    Falmouth Academy's Human Rights Team aims to raise awareness, funds, and support for local, national, and international causes.
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  • Students of Color

    Students of Color is a student-led group to discuss issues of diversity and equality and to educate the wider school community. There is a faculty group committed to learning and working toward greater diversity, equity, and inclusion.
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  • Gay Straight Alliance

    We work to create a school community where all students feel welcome and supported, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. 
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  • Peer Mentors

    Upper school students volunteer to mentor the eighth-grade students as they prepare to make the transition to high school. Training of the mentors is provided throughout the year.
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