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Justice, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at FA: Committed to Growth

Falmouth Academy was founded by a faculty passionate about learning, social justice, and the power of a well-educated person to make a difference in the world. We are committed to listening and learning in order to build an even stronger Falmouth Academy community that is more closely tied to the social justice issues of today. 

We are committed to growing our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives; we are committed to catalyzing conversations in our classrooms and our hallways about race and systemic racism; and we are committed to providing our students with the information, resources, and knowledge they need to be agents of change.  And, we recognize both that the work needs to be timely, and that the work will take time. Please read more about our organizations and activities and peruse the lists of resources.

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The newest student organization at Falmouth Academy is the Students for Social Justice (SSJ). Responding to the sense of urgency to the Black Lives Matter movement in the spring of 2020, students felt a strong call to action to unite white ally students with students of color to actively engage together in understanding the systemic injustices both at the local and national level. The SSJ will have a democratically elected representative to the student council organization.
"Where you stand, depends on where you sit."
  - Miles' Law


Falmouth Academy’s Students of Color affinity group (SOC) was established in Winter of 2019. It is open to any domestic or international student who identifies as a student of color. This includes, but is not limited to African-American, Caribbean-American, Arab/Middle Eastern, Asian-American, Native American/First People, LatinX, and Multi-Racial peoples. The SOC serves as a resource group and place of meaningful connection for these students. This group has had an active role in school-wide preparations and programming for Black History Month, along with community collaboration with NPHF (No Place for Hate Falmouth) in assisting with preparations for the annual Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast. Members of SOC attend AISNE’s weekend-long High School Student of Color Conference. 
Voices of color should be heard and can help educate white faculty and students alike, however, white privilege in America and how white people talk about race is the other half of the equation.
-  Katie Romagnoli '10


The Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) has been a long-established student group at Falmouth Academy. It is open to all domestic and international students in the LGBTQ+ community and supports student allies. This active student organization hosts several community-building events during the school year, including but not limited to All School Pride Day celebration, GSA sponsored school dance, attends a local Pride festival, and each year collaborates with other local GSA school groups.

Mirror books reflect and allow readers to see versions of themselves while window books offer opportunities for readers to learn about the world around them and provide insight into other cultures and communities. Mirror books teach self-worth and window books teach empathy. We all, particularly children, need both.
-  Sarah Hines, owner of Eight Cousins Bookstore

DEI Faculty Alliance

The DEI Faculty Alliance is a committed group of faculty and administrators with the shared goal of forwarding diversity, equity, and inclusion work at Falmouth Academy. Since its establishment in 2019 the DEI Faculty Alliance has been charged with examining the practices, programming, and policies of Falmouth Academy through the DEI lens, making yearly faculty professional development recommendations to the Academic Dean and Head of School, facilitating student advisory activities on topics including, but not limiting, racial literacy, implicit bias, and social identifiers.

Community Partnerships


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Falmouth Academy is committed to continued growth in the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We intentionally strive to be a community of dedicated learners who understand their roles and responsibilities as local and global citizens confronting the challenges of our times. We call all members of our community to actively engage in their own learning regarding biases and social injustices specific to ethnicity, gender identity and expression, racism, family composition, able-bodiedness, learning styles, religion, sexuality, age, and socio-economic status. In this pursuit, we continuously aim to create a safe and inclusive community where each member is seen, respected, and empowered to contribute. 

DEI Leadership Team

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  • Photo of Matt Barnes

    Matt Barnes 

    History & SSJ Advisor
  • Photo of Ben Parsons

    Ben Parsons PhD 

    MS Coordinator/English
  • Photo of Lucy Nelson

    Lucy Nelson 

    Art Teacher & GSA Advisor
  • Photo of Bill Andrade

    Bill Andrade 

    Physical Education
  • Photo of Susan Moffat

    Susan Moffat 

    Photography & GSA Advisor
  • Photo of Amy Galvam

    Amy Galvam 

    Director of Communications
  • Photo of Britta Santamauro

    Britta Santamauro 

    Director of Library Services
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