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Students may go home when the academic day ends at 2:35 PM, but most choose to stay at school.  During this time the school offers a variety of organized co-curricular activities, or students may use the time as they like, studying or just hanging out.  The two most popular after-school activities are sports and drama. Athletes practice and play games after school while actors rehearse their roles for the play and “techies” work on the technical side of the production.  Once a week there is an after school photography workshop and four days a week there are music lessons.  

Students not involved in these supervised activities may walk to one of the local shops for some refreshments (if they have their parents’ permission!) or they may stay at school.  The Computer Lab and the Library are open after school, so many students gather there to get a jump on their homework. This is also a good time to meet with teachers for some extra review. 

Typically, afterschool activities end in time for bus riders to catch the 4:45 departure (exceptions include game days and tech rehearsal). If students are required to stay late for an activity, parents are notified ahead of time. All students are expected to leave school by 5:00 PM on regular days. 

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  • Communication Interns

    Upper school students interested in writing, public relations, marketing, graphic design, photography, and videography work with members of the advancement team. Projects include writing press releases and contributing to the school magazine, designing posters and programs, and shooting videos.
  • The Chandlery

    Falmouth Academy's online student newspaper.
    Read More
  • Gay Straight Alliance

    We work to create a school community where all students feel welcome and supported, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Read More  
  • Human Rights Academy

    Falmouth Academy's Human Rights Team aims to raise awareness, funds, and support for local, national, and international causes. Read More
  • Peer Mentors

    Juniors and Seniors may apply to be peer mentors to eighth-grade students. Mentors are trained and meet regularly as a group and individually with their mentees.
  • Student Council

    Every class has two elected representatives and the whole school elects the offices of president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. The student council meets during the fourth period and has a faculty mentor. READ MORE
  • Mandarin Club

    Mandarin Club explores the language and culture of China and taught by fluent international students.
  • Student Tour Guides

    Guides give 40-minute tours of the campus, sharing their personal experience in a positive way and providing an overview of the program.
  • Students of Color

    Students of Color is a student-led group to discuss issues of diversity and equality and to educate the wider school community. There is a faculty group committed to learning and working toward greater diversity, equity, and inclusion. Read More
  • WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) Club

    WISE exposes students to women working in science with the aim of inspiring both girls and boys to explore their interests and see women working in STEM as normative.

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  • Athletics

    Falmouth Academy fields three sports--soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, and lacrosse in the spring.  In addition, FA has a cross-country running club. Learn More
  • Drama and Tech Crew

    The drama department produces three plays a year including one just for middle school students which they co-write with the director.
  • After-School Photography

    Students may participate in after-school photo club which meets once a week. Students may have time in the darkroom, photo lab, and occasionally go off-location for photoshoots.
  • Computer Lab and Library

    The computer lab and library are open after-school for students to work quietly alone or in small groups.
  • Tutoring

    After-school is an optimal time to meet with teachers for extra-help either on a drop-in basis or by appointment, depending on individual teacher's availability and schedule.
  • Music Lessons

    Students in chorus and/or instrumental electives are highly encouraged to take private lessons to help them keep pace with the class. Four afternoons a week professional music educators give private lessons in the Heald Music Room from 3 - 6 PM on violin, piano, woodwinds, and brass. Sign-ups required.
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