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College—Making the Match

At Falmouth Academy, college counseling grows from our relationships with students and families.  Our college advisors have taught English and history and have been advising our students for more than 25 years. Because we know our students and families so well, we are able to help them as they embark on the sometimes mysterious and oftentimes stressful process of applying to college.  

Our goal is to provide parents and students with the resources for the college search process and to ensure that students make their decisions based on individual needs and appropriate fit. Every student is unique, and so the colleges they choose to attend should match their individual abilities, interests, and aspirations.  Our process places student reflection and self-awareness at its center, rather than institutional name recognition and rankings.

Our students learn to utilize Naviance, a comprehensive, online database, for their college search. Each junior and senior also has the opportunity to meet in person with numerous college representatives who visit Falmouth Academy.

In addition to their strong academic preparation, our students’ experience as part of a community marked by trust, respect, and acceptance makes them invaluable members of their future college communities. 

Join us for a tour or schedule a visit to learn more about our academic program that paves the way for a successful college career and a lifetime of learning.
One reason why our students are so competitive in the college admissions process is that colleges understand the rigor of the Falmouth Academy core curriculum. Over the years, we have established relationships with college admissions representatives and communicated with them about the knowledge and skills that all Falmouth Academy students acquire. In the end, we encourage all students to make their final college decision based on fit rather than status.

As advisors, we embrace a philosophy that allows students to explore, reflect upon, and embrace the college process with a sense of agency and excitement. We try to structure a process that is highly personalized and relationship-based. We
 work with students and parents in a way that is authentic, open, and available.
"Last year, I met an engaging applicant...when he came to visit [our] College. As timing had it, I had just read his application. His essay, the accompanying peer recommendation letter and the whole aura of Falmouth Academy kind of knocked my socks off. [He] chose to attend college elsewhere, but I was left with a desire to visit Falmouth Academy and see what on earth you are doing there. It seems amazing." —College admissions officer

College Advisors

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    Ms. Ruth Slocum 

    College Guidance
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    Mrs. Julie Taylor 

    College Guidance
Rachel and Charlie Van Voorhis with Anna ’10 (Macalester College ’15), Eliza ’17 (Middlebury College ’21), Lyon ’11 (Yale ’15), and Charlotte ’16 (Yale ’20).
“We’re the parents of four Falmouth Academy graduates, so we’ve been living and breathing this amazing school for the past dozen years. Dinner table conversations almost always revolve around something FA-related: Science Fair, sporting events, German exchanges, concerts, art shows, Marconi Beach Days, Spirit Weeks … you name it, we’ve talked about it!"
- Rachel and Charlie Van Voorhis, Mattapoisett
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