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Modern Language

Our philosophy

Teaching the millennial student
Falmouth Academy believes that the study of modern languages allows students a greater understanding of the world and its cultures. As global citizens of the 21st century, students must be aware of themselves as part of a global community. Our goal is to help students achieve a level of fluency that allows them to communicate and to express their personalities in another language through reading, traveling, or friendships with students from other countries.

French, German, Spanish
We offer six-year programs in the two major 'source languages' from which the English language is derived: French and German. These two languages reflect the rich connections between the history and literature of those countries and FA students’ course work in other disciplines. Beginning in the fall of 2020-2021, we are starting to phase in a Spanish program at the beginners' level.
Language involvement
Students start speaking in the target language from the first day at Falmouth Academy. Teachers are fluent in the languages they teach, many of them native speakers, or have studied extensively abroad. Small classes encourage listening and speaking. Cultural exploration through literature, art, music, film, news, geography, and food fosters a broadening of students' worldview and historical perspective.

Exchange programs
The Modern Language Department reinforces the practical importance of proficiency in a foreign language through group exchanges. We currently offer exchanges with high schools in Nice, France and Heidelberg, Germany. These exchanges offer our students the opportunity to use their second language as they host and visit students, attend school with them, and live with their families. Group excursions explore museums, historic sights, industries, and markets in the regions surrounding our partner schools.

Meet our Faculty

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  • Photo of Petra Ehrenbrink

    Dr. Petra Ehrenbrink 

    Academic Dean/Department Chair
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    Dr. Christine Carter 

  • Photo of Mike Earley

    Mr. Mike Earley 

    Assistant Head of School
  • Photo of Gundhild Eder

    Mrs. Gundhild Eder 

  • Photo of Bettina Freelund

    Dr. Bettina Freelund 

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    Ms. Emily Turner 

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    Ms. Jennifer Park 

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