Academic Program

A shared curriculum

Five academic subjects, every day, every year: English, history, science, math, modern language.

It seems so simple. Classic even. The foundation of American education. At Falmouth Academy we recognize that the skills our students learn in traditional subject areas every day are the skills they'll need for success in college and beyond.

In small classes, teachers guide students in mastering close reading, original research, clear and thoughtful speaking and writing as daily habits. This begins in Middle School, along with an emphasis on skill building, emerging independence and time management. It continues in Upper School with increasingly sophisticated and advanced subject matter.

Our sequential course of studies establishes the academic foundation while reinforcing the value of membership in a shared intellectual community. As a result, classes are thoughtful, lively reservoirs of discourse, and the discussions continue in the hallways, at lunch, during breaks in athletic practices, and at home across the dinner table.

Our Signature Programs, including robust electives in the arts, enhance the curriculum and move learning beyond five academic subjects.

Academic Departments

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  • English

    The goal of the English faculty is to help students become thoughtful, observant readers, clear analytical writers, and confident, skillful speakers.
  • History

    History teachers at Falmouth Academy aim to produce students who are curious about investigating the past, cautious about the information they receive that gives them their picture of the past, and skilled in shaping that information clearly and effectively. READ MORE
  • Math

    The ability to work with numbers and to apply mathematics is essential to a solid educational foundation. READ MORE
  • Modern Language

    Falmouth Academy believes that the study of modern languages allows students a greater understanding of the world and its cultures. READ MORE
  • Science

    At Falmouth Academy, every student is an actively-engaged scientist because in-class and independent research drives our curriculum. READ MORE

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FA Mission Statement

Harnessing the power of inspired learning in a world-renowned scientific and vibrant artistic community, Falmouth Academy emboldens each student to take creative and intellectual risks to confidently engage the challenges of our times.

FA Guiding Values

We value… 
  • the beauty of knowledge and the joy of conversation,
  • collaboration and generosity of spirit,
  • the power of a culture of kindness,
  • relationships built on trust, respect, and direct communication,
  • the wonder of imagination,
  • each student’s pursuit of diverse challenges and opportunities,
  • teachers as models of confident, rich adulthood,
  • the richness of an educational experience that includes people with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and identities.
"In the television/radio industry, when a piece of technical infrastructure fails, there is often very little time to resolve the issue. I frequently need to come up with creative fixes. These critical thinking skills are the same ones I acquired at FA, from figuring out how to solve senior-year physics problems, to troubleshooting faulty guitar amps moments before a Friday night jazz band performance." —James Reber '09, Broadcast Engineer, BBC News
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