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The goal of the English faculty is to help students become thoughtful, observant readers, clear analytical writers, and confident, skillful speakers. Cross-disciplinary work connecting history, art, music, and literature is common. Not only do English curricula often parallel historical eras being studied at the same grade level, but also the fine arts are formally incorporated through Falmouth Academy’s signature program: Arts-Across-the-Curriculum.

Our students come to regard writing as a familiar, habitual activity through analytical writing, as well as personal reflections, short stories, poems, and letters. Diligent attention to close reading and accurate, persuasive writing provides our graduates with abilities that set them apart from their college classmates. Indeed, many report that they find themselves to be the writing experts of their college dormitories.

Meet our faculty

List of 7 members.

  • Photo of Elisabeth Ledwell

    Mrs. Elisabeth Ledwell 

    English Department Chair
  • Photo of Eleanor Clark

    Mrs. Eleanor Clark 

    Student Council Advisor
  • Photo of Monica Hough

    Mrs. Monica Hough 

  • Photo of Allyson Manchester

    Ms. Allyson Manchester 

    College Guidance Advisor/Summer Programs
  • Photo of Ben Parsons

    Dr. Ben Parsons 

  • Photo of Emily Turner

    Ms. Emily Turner 

  • Photo of Jennifer Park

    Ms. Jennifer Park 

Words give expression to ideas—they are powerful tools. Words can foment revolution or create peace. They explain everything and sometimes fail us. 

Writing and speaking are at the center of daily learning.

Introduction to English Classes

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