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Science in the Real World

Science Mentorships and Internships

Seeking answers to questions professional scientists are asking

Falmouth Academy recognizes that academic passions and critical thinking are shaped by hands-on science and research and students are encouraged to deepen their classroom understanding by working alongside scientists and engineers of the Woods Hole region who are engaged in ambitious research efforts in professional laboratories and in the field. 
Students are matched with science mentors at nearby laboratories, local technology companies, and conservation nonprofits. An average of 30 professionals per year from the US Geological Survey, Marine Biological Laboratory, NOAA, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Sea Education Association, and the USDA, for example, guide students in their research projects for the Falmouth Academy Science Fair. 
Internships are available outside of school hours for students with local professionals who help advance their scientific curiosity and understanding by working collaboratively on research projects in fields such as zoology, robotics, physics, and genetics. Internship opportunities change annually to match the interests of our students.
"With my mentors’ support and enthusiasm, my work did not feel like a burden. Rather, my science experiment felt like a dynamic, exciting exploration of science’s possibilities, in which trial and error were opportunities for improvement rather than roadblocks."
-Martha Clark '18
Fifteen to twenty motivated Falmouth Academy high school students carry out their science experiments in professional labs in Woods Hole each year. Science teachers strategically match students with mentors doing related research.
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