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History teachers at Falmouth Academy aim to produce students who are curious about investigating the past, cautious about the information they receive that gives them their picture of the past, and skilled in shaping that information clearly and effectively. Students become increasingly proficient at thoughtful inquiry, clear and precise writing, and poised presenting.

The history curriculum at Falmouth Academy is both broad and deep. The six-year program begins and ends with the study of world cultures in Grades 7 and 12, examines the history of the United States in Grades 8 and 11, and focuses on a two-year study of Western civilization in Grades 9 and 10. Within this curriculum, students share a series of experiences—lively discussions, debates, presentations to each other, guest speakers and trips—while also exploring their own particular interests through research projects. In their senior year, students may add an extra course, rhetoric, which extends the students’ work with language, presentation skills and issues of government, public policy and media.

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