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Welcome to Falmouth Academy!

My name is Matt Green and I have the privilege of serving as Falmouth Academy's Head of School. The son of a school head myself, I was literally raised on independent school campuses and deeply believe in their unique power to unleash academic potential and develop strong character. 
Come visit us and I think you will find that Falmouth Academy's mission, history, and culture will resonate with you as it has with me. You will be inspired by our long-standing belief in the power of close teacher-student relationships, our track record of graduating students who care for their environment and community, our commitment to an educational experience that includes people with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and identities, and our celebration of the written and spoken word. And you will come to admire our faculty, masters in their respective fields, who measure success not only by what their students have achieved and the places they go but by the distance each has traveled. 
Middle and high school are critical times in the development of our children. That natural curiosity and love of learning that typifies early childhood, the flame that has been lit in elementary school, doesn't easily weather the slings and arrows of adolescence.  Be assured that at Falmouth Academy, it’s cool to be smart, it’s fun to learn, and it’s just normal to care... about ideas, each other, our community, our planet... about the future.  
Consider coming for a visit or a tour and be sure to inquire to receive information about Falmouth Academy. I hope to see you on campus very soon! 

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