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My name is Matt Green and I have the privilege of serving as Falmouth Academy's Head of School. The son of a school head myself, I was literally raised on independent school campuses and deeply believe in their unique power to unleash academic potential and develop strong character. I have spent the past 28 years serving as an English and occasional math teacher, an athletic coach, a dorm parent and advisor, an academic dean, and most recently, a division head at the middle and high school levels of three very different independent schools. I am honored and thrilled to have the opportunity to build on Falmouth Academy's tradition of excellence and lead this terrific school into the future. 
Come visit us and I think you will find that Falmouth Academy's mission, history, and culture will resonate with you as it has with me. You will be inspired by our long-standing belief in the power of close teacher-student relationships, our noble goal of graduating students who care for their environment and community, and our long-standing commitment to the written and spoken word. You will come to admire our faculty, each of whom is a master in his or her field and all of whom measure success not only by the places their students go, but by the distance each has traveled. 
Middle and high school are critical times in the development of our children. That natural curiosity and love of learning that typifies early childhood, the flame that has been lit in elementary school doesn't easily weather the slings and arrows of adolescence. At Falmouth Academy, however, your child will be inspired not only by the masterful, passionate teachers he or she will study under but more importantly, the enthusiastic, dedicated peers who will learn by his or her side. Here you'll find a community that combines small school values with big school opportunities—a school where kids not only fit in, they stand out.

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  • Head of School Blog: Welcome Back, Students!

    Matt Green
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  • Head of School Blog: Strategic Vision 2020—the Home Stretch

    Matt Green
    I am excited to offer what is likely to be the penultimate update on Falmouth Academy’s year-long strategic planning process.
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  • Black Lives Matter Rally, June 2

    Head of School Blog: Miles to Go Before We Sleep

    Matt Green
    It has been a little over a week since I wrote a community letter in which I shared the contents of my “morning message” to students and faculty.  In that video post (and letter) I stated that in keeping with our mission and values, the school stood with George Floyd, the many before him that had lost their lives under comparable circumstances, and those who were peacefully protesting, as well as offering some thoughts as to how in the brief time we had left of school this year, we might be able to collectively process the ongoing events.  This is to say, at Falmouth Academy, black lives do indeed and must matter.
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  • Head of School Blog: Morning Message on George Floyd

    Matt Green
    I feel compelled to comment briefly on last week’s murder of George Floyd and the ongoing nationwide peaceful protests and civil unrest that have been precipitated by that horrific incident.
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    • Matt Green, M.Ed, Head of School

      Matt Green, M.Ed, Head of School

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