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A Renaissance Approach

Falmouth Academy’s emphasis on the studio and performing arts encourages students to strive for a Renaissance approach to life that celebrates creativity as well as intellectual growth. Students are surrounded by people who challenge and support them in trying new things, to integrate what they take in through their senses and experience interiorly and express them creatively and authentically. The arts at our school cross disciplines and traditional boundaries.  

The entire school is a gallery of student exhibits that changes throughout the year and features photography, ceramics, sculpture, painting, drawing, woodworking, calligraphy, and graphic design.

Performing arts electives include stagecraft, theatre, film, jazz, instrumental chamber music, and chorus. Actors and stagecraft designers mount three or more theatre productions annually, while student musicians from all six ensembles collaborate to present a major concert each trimester.

In addition to the numerous arts electives students take, every student participates in Arts-Across-the-Curriculum, a unique program that brings art into the academic classes. 

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"At FA, we were able to work on Tom Stoppard, Molière, Shakespeare, and newer plays like Metamorphoses by Mary Zimmerman," said Brian Miskell '06. "This is what made me a more versatile actor."

List of 12 members.

  • Photo of George Scharr

    George Scharr 

    Arts Department Chair
  • Photo of Lucy Nelson

    Lucy Nelson 

  • Photo of Susan Moffat

    Susan Moffat 

    Photography/FA Summer Programs
  • Photo of Charlie Jodoin

    Charlie Jodoin 

    Director of Auxiliary Programs
  • Photo of Elisabeth Ledwell

    Elisabeth Ledwell 

    English Department Chair/Drama
  • Photo of Martha Borden

    Martha Borden 

    Director of I.T.
  • Photo of Sarah Knowles

    Sarah Knowles 

    Associate Director of Admission/Yearbook
  • Photo of Margaret Bossi

    Margaret Bossi 

  • Photo of Stephen Gregory

    Stephen Gregory 

    Rock Band
  • Photo of Norma Stiner

    Norma Stiner 

  • Photo of Bronwen Prosser

    Bronwen Prosser 

  • Photo of Seth Rainville

    Seth Rainville 

"Being in the jazz band and doing improv at FA has prepared me to work with what is presented to me," said Singer-Songwriter Johnny Gwynn '07. "I'm able to keep the ideas flowing and throw something else out there."

Arts at FA

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