Academic Resources & Support

Students thrive and learning flourishes

Students thrive and learning flourishes with integrated academic support and access to a broad scope of resources, technology, and knowledgeable faculty. Falmouth Academy has a nurturing community of educators committed to providing their students with the encouragement and support they need to be successful students, engaged community members, and life-long learners.

With an average class size of twelve, teachers are able to work with students individually. In addition to daily interaction with faculty, Falmouth Academy supports its students through advising, learning support, and social-emotional support. Whether they want to improve study habits, have a content-related question, or seek to develop strategies for managing a particular learning challenge our faculty is here to help.

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  • The Buxton Library

    The Bruce and Patrice Buxton Library provides a student-centered, nurturing and welcoming learning environment where students can successfully and confidently conduct research, explore their personal interests, and study with fellow students and faculty. READ MORE
  • Academic Support

    Our learning support team ensures that students gain access to knowledge, skills, and information and that every student’s unique needs and learning styles are attended to and valued. READ MORE
  • Technology

    Falmouth Academy has taken a “best fit” approach to instructional technology. READ MORE
  • Advising

    Each student is assigned a faculty advisor who meets regularly with individual students to assist with academic and social issues. READ MORE
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