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Thoughtful and strategic

Falmouth Academy has taken a “best fit” approach to instructional technology.  As with all curricular decisions, we rely on teachers to be thoughtful and strategic in how and when they leverage a variety of technology resources.  Our fully wireless campus allows students and teachers to access technology and utilize online tools when they need it across disciplines.

Students are not required to but are welcome to bring their own personal devices—computers or tablets—to school and use them under the guidance of their classroom teachers.  We don’t recommend one device over another, however, a device with internet access and a physical keyboard is preferable.

For those lessons that require computers, students and teachers have easy access to a fully outfitted computer laboratory, iPads for use throughout the school, and computers and laptops for independent student use in the library.

Technology Resources

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  • High-speed fiber connection

  • Student-dedicated file storage on the school network

  • G-suite and FA Gmail account

  • Adobe Creative Cloud software for enrolled students

  • Office 2016 productivity suite available

  • Pappas Computer Lab with 16 HP ProBook laptops

  • Large format and 3-D printer

  • Projectors in each classroom with HDMI connection

Technology Faculty

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  • Photo of Martha Borden

    Martha Borden 

    Director of I.T.

Did you know?

Students and faculty have access to iPads that can be checked out. The iPads are available through the computer lab and can be on loan for short periods of time.

Available Computers

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  • Pappas Computer Lab with 16 HP ProBooks

  • Buxton Library with 10 laptops and 5 desktops

  • 24 iPads

  • 8 Lenova desktops, short-throw wall-mounted projector

  • 10 iMacs for Digital Photography Elective

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