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Life at FA

What our students say about life at FA

When you work hard in the classroom, as we do, it’s important to have opportunities to relax, socialize, and have fun away from academics. So we work hard at having fun. Life outside the classroom is relaxed and comfortable here. Seniors actually know and interact with the 7th graders, and it is common for students in different grades to socialize. Student life is enhanced by our daily All-School Meeting as we celebrate each other’s successes and are reminded that there is a play, concert, or game we can watch today.
Our school day includes informal downtime like the 5 minutes between classes, break, lunch, study hall, and, for those not involved in an afternoon activity, after school.  If we’re in need of refreshments at the end of the day, we can even walk off-campus in the afternoon to get some food or drinks.

The school organizes all kinds of events for students, like four dances every year, an All-School Picnic, overnight class trips, and the Prom. All-school events hosted by the Student Council include our all-school sandcastle-building contest at Marconi Beach, Capture the Flag game in the spring, and a fundraising Gala. We are proud that our school challenges us academically and we love all the ways we can relax together when we aren’t working!

A Typical Day

The daily schedule at Falmouth Academy is thoughtfully laid out. Most students arrive around 8:00 so that they can catch up with friends and ready themselves for their first-period class, which begins at 8:15 (in keeping with adolescent sleep research, almost a full hour later than area public schools.)
Unlike many schools, where classes can meet for as few as three periods in a six-day stretch, we are committed to daily meetings for every class.  Students attend three 40-minutes academic classes in the morning and three in after lunch.  One of these classes is always a study hall period when students can get a head start on their work or meet with a teacher for some individual attention.
We take a break so that the entire school can gather in Morse Hall, socialize, have a snack, and spend a few minutes celebrating the latest good news or sharing important information about upcoming events.
From there it's off to fourth period, a 70-minute alternative enrichment class we refer to as "4th period," (for reasons that are perhaps obvious!)  Here, students will either have their weekly hands-on experiential science lab or they will choose from a rich array of electives such as coding, beekeeping, painting, musical ensemble, curling, ceramics, or musical theater.
After 4th period, we break for lunch for about a half-hour every day but Wednesday.  Wednesday is an "extended lunch" day, a lengthened period when students meet with the advisors for group or individual discussions, many of the student-led clubs and organizations will gather, or teachers will hold office hours for any student who needs to meet with them.
The last class ends at 2:40 after which most students head off to athletic practice or play rehearsal, which runs from about 2:50-4:00 or 4:15.  Students who are not in one of those of activities are welcome to stay on campus to study in the library, relax in one of our community spaces, or participate in one of our minor after-school activities (such as photography, Mandarin, creative writing, a capella, newspaper, open art studios.)  
A few students leave directly after class but most leave around 4:45 when our buses leave each day.  


Each Wednesday will end 15 minutes later at 2:50 PM to accommodate an extended lunch period. This extra time will be dedicated to a rotating schedule of non-academic meetings such as advisory lunch, individual advisor meetings, student organizations, and extra help.

A Student's Guide to FA

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  • Activities

    Most students are some combination of scholar, athlete, artist, actor, techie, or musician. Students are encouraged to be involved in the life of the school both during the day and after-school. 
  • Advisory

    Each week, we devote the time to one of four things on a rotating basis: group advisory meetings, individual meetings with advisors, meetings for student clubs and organizations, and extra help from teachers. 
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  • Events and Traditions

    Falmouth Academy is a school rich in tradition. The following is a brief description of annual community events and activities.
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  • Falmouth Academy Merchandise

    Visit our online store here.
  • Internships and Mentorships

    Situated near world-class scientific research centers, our students engage in significant independent research opportunities through internships and mentorships both during the school year and through the summer.
  • Lunch

    Pre-ordered lunches are available for students and staff. To set up your account, contact Leslie Walters by email or at 508-457-9696 ext. 222 to request that a MealManage invitation be mailed to you.
  • Student Council

    Every class has two elected representatives and the whole school elects the offices of president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. The student council meets during the fourth period and has a faculty mentor.
  • Student Organizations

    Student organizations and clubs at Falmouth Academy are often student-led initiatives and are sustained by student interest with faculty oversight. Examples include WISE (Women in Science and Engineering), GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance), Student Tour Guides, The Chandlery (FA's student newspaper), and many more.
  • Wellness

    We recognize that the physical, social, and emotional well-being of our students, faculty, and parent body are crucial elements of a student's academic success and lifelong health and wellness. Falmouth Academy offers wellness classes, affinity groups, and a peer mentor program where upper school students partner with middle school students.
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