"Happy 'Tag der Erde'"

In anticipation of Earth Day 2021, Falmouth Academy German III, IV, and V students have responded to a call for creative and poignant artwork by the Goethe-Institut of Boston in anticipation of Earth Day 2021. Since 1970, the Goethe-Institut has participated with thousands of other organizations from over 190 countries to honor Mother Earth and call for climate action. This year, in addition to a variety of online and in-person events, the Goethe-Institut sponsored a design competition for students of German to create Earth Day stickers and slogans. Students in Frau Eder’s and Frau Freelund’s classes worked individually and in groups to create clever pieces that displayed why Earth Day matters and what people can do to help make the world a better and safer place.

“If we don’t do something now, there is no future,” says junior Wren Ramsey. “Things are happening now that are irreversible. Nations need to work together globally and keep politics out of it.”

“In German, my slogan is catchier because it rhymes,” says junior Spencer Goldsmith who recently scored the highest in all of MA on the German Language Exam. He explained that his design depicts an end to industrial CO2 emissions. “While it is good to be eco-conscious, small actions are not enough,” says Goldsmith. “Twenty companies are responsible for over one-third of all global greenhouse gases.”

Thalia O’Neil’s inspiration came from her Environmental Science class with Ms. Liz Klein. The class just wrapped up a project where they measured Falmouth Academy's carbon footprint using the categories of school supplies, heating, waste, and electricity as metrics. She also noted that this issue has even more regional appeal, as Cape Cod is a vulnerable coastal community.

Junior Patrick "Packy" Ledwell’s design was voted “best-in-class” by his peers in Frau Eder’s German IV class. His art references the end of the dinosaurs as foreshadowing what may become of us if we don't address the climate crisis.

Winners of the competition will be announced on May 7, and their artwork will be professionally printed on eco-friendly stickers for mass distribution. They may also win a virtual interactive workshop by a professional German-speaking graphic designer for the whole class. 

Jack DiFalco-Wheeler's artwork is entitled "Glücklicher Tag der Erde," wishing everyone a happy Earth Day!

NOTE: Junior Wren Ramsay's "We Have No Planet B" won the Falmouth Academy sticker design challenge.

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