Protecting Piping Plovers

To recognize and foster youth engagement in environmental policy, State Senator Susan Moran awarded citations to five 9th-grade students from Falmouth Academy during the school's All-School Meeting on Tuesday, April 9, 2024. Their proposals, aimed at mitigating threats to these endangered birds, included measures such as leashing dogs on beaches, avoiding disturbance of the birds’ natural habitats, and promoting the importance of picking up trash on beaches.

On February 2, 2024, the entire class had the opportunity to tour the Massachusetts Statehouse and engage in discussions with Senator Moran and Representative Dylan Fernandes ('08) as part of FA's unique cross-curricular Changing Earth program. These conversations highlighted the critical role of young people in tackling environmental challenges, emphasizing the significance of including youth perspectives in the legislative process.

During the visit, amid a significant legislative session, Senator Moran reiterated her dedication to addressing the climate crisis with sustainable solutions, such as establishing a blue economy workforce pipeline and enhancing natural carbon sequestration, encouraging students to keep innovating in environmental policy.

A standout moment of the trip was when students were challenged by Senator Moran's District Director, Arielle Vergara, to devise legislative proposals to address environmental concerns. Their engagement and creative solutions exemplified innovative thinking encouraged by Falmouth Academy's Changing Earth program—which explores global change and the intricate dynamics between humans and the natural environment through the combined lenses of English, history, and science.

Senator Moran praised the students' project for safeguarding the shorebirds, highlighting their actionable measures to preserve an aspect quintessential to Cape Cod. By providing clear guidelines for tourists and visitors, vital to the Cape's economy, the project underscores the importance of environmental conservation in supporting the region's economic well-being.

Senator Moran's presentation serves not just as a recognition of the students' outstanding efforts but also underscores the essential role of educational programs in empowering the next generation of environmental advocates.
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