Strategic Planning

The Process

Last February, the Falmouth Academy Board of Trustees gathered for a weekend retreat, where a trio of experienced strategic planning professionals from different fields shared their insights and best practices.  Among the outcomes of that session were: a) the development of a timeline that began in summer 2019 and will conclude by spring 2020, b) the initial framework of the plan, which will be agile and adaptive and target the next four years, c) the leadership: our process will be guided by a deliberately small representative steering committee and led by an external facilitator.
In the coming months, the steering committee will work with our consultant to further frame the process. It important to note, however, that it is not the committee’s role to own the plan; rather, the group will determine how best to engage and communicate with the Falmouth Academy community to ensure that your ideas are included and your feedback is noted.  The Steering Committee will soon convene a series of open forums, focus groups, interviews, surveys, and planning sessions by which your voice will be heard. A strategic plan may technically be the domain of the Board, but it is the faculty who deliver it, the parents who invest in it, the alumni and other benefactors who support it, and perhaps most importantly, the students who live it.  
We are excited to be embarking on this journey. It’s one that will yield a set of strategic priorities that will not only affirm forty plus years of exemplary teaching and learning but also chart a course for a future Falmouth Academy that is even more vital and relevant. To invoke an African proverb, “tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” 
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