Spring into Art with Math and Technology

As the warmth of spring finally settles in, our students have eagerly embraced the great outdoors, turning their surroundings into a vibrant classroom. Under the guidance of Geometry teacher Kate Gaffney, ninth-grade students ventured outside to put their trigonometry skills to the test. They measured everything from a flag pole to a school bus using homemade clinometers. This practical exercise reinforced their math skills and demonstrated real-world applications of their classroom knowledge, truly a hands-on learning experience.

The interplay between mathematics and art was beautifully explored earlier in the month by creating tessellations. Guided by art teacher Lucy Nelson and inspired by the works of MC Escher, Gaffney's students delved into the art of translating, rotating, and reflecting shapes to craft intricate and colorful tessellations. These now adorn our admissions hallway, transforming it into a gallery of geometric design and vibrant creativity, thanks to FA's innovative Arts Across the Curriculum initiative.

After taking measurements outside and making calculations, Director of Technology Martha Borden introduced the students to coding with Python. Within just four classes, they were adept enough to use their coding skills to create spirograph-esque geometric designs. This quick grasp of coding underscores our students' adaptability and eagerness to embrace new technologies, merging artistic expression with digital skills.
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