8th Graders Finding Their Voice

Words give expression to ideas--they are powerful tools. Words can foment revolution or create peace. They explain everything and, sometimes, they can fail us.
From the moment they arrive until the day they graduate, Falmouth Academy students are guided and inspired to find, develop, and ultimately use their voices, whether on paper, in the classroom, on the stage, or within the community.
-Falmouth Academy Viewbook
“Literature and the Self” is the focus of eighth-grade English. Throughout the year, students are encouraged to look inward as well as to the text to discover their values and passions and to explore their hopes and dreams. It is a developmental approach to the art of reading, writing, and speaking well. 
Eighth-grade at Falmouth Academy culminates with the right of passage known as Declamation Day, where each student presents an excerpt of a speech or published work of their choosing.
After making their choices, students write an essay that explores a literary aspect of the material and its personal significance. They memorize the piece and prepare an informative, engaging, and unique presentation that is shared with classmates, faculty, and family members.
This year, students and their families gathered in the gym on May 28, 2021, for a wide range of presentations that included a cautionary tale about the future of artificial intelligence, one man's entrepreneurial spirit in using barter to acquire a house, the not-so-sweet history of chocolate, a musical performance from the Broadway smash, In the Heights, and so much more.

Click here to watch the full recorded presentation on Falmouth Academy's YouTube channel.
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