FA German Students #1 in MA

Congratulations to the FA students of German and their teachers for performing so well on the 2021 National German Exam, particularly Spencer Goldsmith '22 who achieved the highest standing (99% percentile) in Massachusetts earning a Gold in Level IV. Thalia O’Neil '24 also ranked highest in all of MA earning Gold in Level III. Sam Kellogg '23 also achieved Gold for Level III and is eligible for the travel award.
The Exam is sponsored by the Association of German Teachers of America (AATG) and is administered to over 20,000 high school students of German. It is comprised of 100 multiple choice questions with listening and viewing portions. Now in its 61st year, it provides individual diagnostic feedback, offers a regional and national prize program, and shares programmatic data with teachers to inform curricular decisions. Students in the 90th percentile can apply for the AATG/PAD Study Trip Awards, a four-week study trip program to Germany. 
The Exam does not assess proficiency but measures the performance of students based on what they have learned in German classrooms. They reflect the principles of developing the ability to communicate effectively with cultural competence as established by the World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages.

Falmouth Academy is an AATG German Center of Excellence.
Level IV
IV Gold Award
Spencer Goldsmith ’22 (#1 in MA, scored in the 99% percentile)
IV Bronze Award
Ellamae Cazeault ’21
Logan Moniz ’22
IV Achievement
Ella Heywood ’21
Madison Valley ’21
Ethan Pratt ’22
Abigail Lott ’22
Sam Thrasher ’22
Level III
III Gold Award
Thalia O’Neil ’24 (#1 in MA)
Sam Kellogg ’23 (Eligible for the Travel Award)
III Silver Award
Ben Gulmann ’23
Ned Heywood ’23
III Bronze Award
Sadie Leveque ’23
Benjamin Mihalovich ’22
Mateo Vazquez ’23
III Achievement
Ben Giumetti ’23
Charlotte Ray ’23
Tasha Sudofsky ’22
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