Academic Program

Algebra I/Geometry

This fast-paced course is designed for eighth-grade students who are prepared for an intensive and demanding math experience.  The curriculum will cover all the topics of Algebra I and Geometry.  During the first trimester, students will become proficient in the solution of quadratic equations, systems of equations with two unknowns, and the graphing of linear equations. Students are exposed to various solution methods for both quadratic equations and systems of equations.  During the next two trimesters, students will learn the language of Geometry and apply basic postulates, definitions, and algebraic principles in the proof of various theorems.  The concept of congruency is studied in triangles as students become proficient in logic and proof.  Significant time is spent on the Pythagorean theorem and, in particular, how it relates to right triangles and trigonometry.  The year concludes with the study of circles from both a geometric and algebraic perspective.
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