Session B (July 12-16)

9:00 AM-3:00 PM 
ages 6 to 12
$375 all-day  | $225  9:00 AM-12:00 PM | $200 12:30 PM-3:00 PM 
Play a variety of sports every day, including basketball, soccer, and tennis.  Learn the fundamentals of each sport from experienced Falmouth Academy coaches and both Falmouth Academy and Collegiate athletes. The program is designed to help build confidence in each sport through hands-on instruction. The campers will be separated into groups based on age.  Unlike any other sports camp on the Cape! *Multi-week discounts are available for FA SPORTS in for sessions A-E. 

Team Robotics (AM)
John Evans and team
9:00 AM-12:00 PM, ages 7-12, $295
Join this group of young, Boston-based, roboticists and learn how to build awesome robots! Each class will get students investigating problems and exploring solutions through fun and engaging design processes. As the one-week course progresses, students will collaborate together to develop an understanding of how small parts can work together to create a whole. We'll cover robot engineering and programming basics. The week will end with a friendly Sumo-Soccer competition!

Life at the Cape Cod Shoreline (session B) (AM)
Gil Newton
9:00 AM-12:00 PM, ages 7-12, $295
Explore the habitat of Cape Cod and survey plant and animal life of local beaches, salt marshes, sand dunes, tide pools, and rocky shores to discover the fascinating diversity of life along the edge of the sea. Students will use field equipment to collect marine mollusks, crabs, fish, seaweeds, and other common species and then study them in the classroom for a hands-on experience that will enhance a student's understanding of the marine environment.

Get Creative with Acrylics (AM)
Rayna Walters
9:00 AM-12:00 PM, ages 7-12, $295
This surprisingly easy-to-work-with medium will allow you to create vibrant colors and a variety of different textures to make great works of art. Inspiration comes from the great outdoors so we’ll be exploring and painting outside and in.

VENI, VIDI, VICI, Latin Club (session B) (AM)
Charlie Jodoin
9:00 AM-12:00 PM, ages 10-14, $295
Did you know that learning an ancient, dead language could actually be fun?
This class teaches you the fundamentals of what was the ancient language of the Roman Empire. You'll learn how many languages evolved from Latin, and how 80% of English words have roots in Latin, in science and technology that number goes to 90%. So learning Latin can help you recognize words and even make you better in English. Through stories, videos and projects, we’ll look at what life was like in Ancient Rome. At the end of class, you'll bring home a Roman artifact created throughout the week!
A Morning at the Improv (AM)
Gia Ledwell
9:00 AM-12:00 PM, ages 7-12, $295
Discover the art of improvisation! Create funny characters, invent your own stories, and learn to think on your feet. Students will put on a one-of-a-kind performance at the end of the week.

Food, Glorious Food! (session B) (PM)
Gia Ledwell
12:30-3:00 PM, ages 7-12, $250
Do you enjoy good food but don’t know how to cook? Learn the basics, from reading a recipe to plating the food. From scrambled eggs to salads, join us in the kitchen as we experiment with different meals, perfect for children first learning to cook. Delicious foods await!

Poetry Jam (session B) (PM)
Charlie Jodoin
12:30-3:00 PM, ages 7-12, $250
Creating poems while basking in the morning sun...
Get inspired by the masters and then write your own before participating in a Poetry Slam!  Students will end the class by bringing home a book of poetry the class created during the week.
So join the group and you’ll see why,
Jamming to poetry is as easy as pie.

Jazz from African American Spirituals to Swing-Wed night
George Scharr
7:00-8:30 PM, all ages, $15
Join this VIRTUAL one-night session taught by the master musician and highly entertaining, George Scharr! From African-American Spirituals and the formative elements of Jazz through George Gershwin and Jazz in the concert hall, you will learn of "behind the scenes" stories and beautiful video clips of the Jazz greats in action. Although it’s mostly geared for adults, it might also be fun for the whole family; grab the popcorn!

Scharr, a graduate of New England Conservatory, spent the first half of his career as a full-time musician playing rock, jazz, and symphonic genres.  Now long-since settled on the Cape he enjoys working with the students and faculty at Falmouth Academy as an arts administrator and music educator.

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