Academic Program


This course begins with a brief review of pre-calculus mathematics and quickly moves into differential and then integral calculus.  Students enrolling in this course may choose to take the Advanced Placement AB Calculus exam.

Upon completion of this course students are able to: work with functions represented in a variety of ways: graphical, numerical analytical, or verbal;  understand the meaning of the derivative in terms of a rate of change and local linear approximation and use derivatives to solve a variety of problems; understand the meaning of the definite integral both as a limit of Riemann sums and as the net accumulation of a rate of change and to use integrals to solve a variety of problems;  model a written description of a physical situation with a function, a differential equation, or an integral;  use technology to help solve problems, experiment, interpret results and verify calculations; determine the reasonableness of solutions, including size, sign, relative accuracy, and units of measurement; and develop an appreciation of calculus as a coherent body of knowledge and as a human accomplishment.
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