Academic Program

Math 7

All seventh-graders take math in heterogeneous classes. The curriculum is activity- and project-oriented with a strong basic skills component. The material is organized to emphasize skills and to build upon previously mastered skills. Overlap in the material covered between the units allows for reinforcement of previously taught material. Realizing that students learn and demonstrate their learning in different ways, a variety of approaches and assessment methods are employed.

The goals of the curriculum are to foster a positive attitude toward math that includes the understanding that math is important and necessary, to enhance student’s abilities to apply the skills they learned to solve practical problems, and to develop their own logic and mental computational skills. To achieve the last goal, we require the students to complete almost all work in this course without the assistance of a calculator. Those students who master foundational concepts and demonstrate a mature work ethic will enter Algebra I at the completion of this course.
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