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At Falmouth Academy, we recognize the importance of integrating appropriate technologies so that students can be fully engaged learners, able to navigate, evaluate, and gain from the resources of a digital world. As students move through their years at Falmouth Academy, we will help them become critical and engaged members of the global learning community.

Falmouth Academy is a Bring Your Own (BYO) laptop school in keeping with the best interest of our students and to enrich our academic curriculum. We chose the BYO approach because it reflects a perspective about students as independent learners who use their own tools in their own ways. Under our close supervision, the laptops will be used to access information, to communicate, create and publish well-crafted products, and to collaborate unconfined by the limits of time and space. Students are expected to bring their laptops to school each day, fully charged.

Falmouth Academy continues to offer all students dedicated accounts through our Google Apps for Education (GAfE) domain providing email, cloud storage, and productivity tools, Office 365 (cloud-based versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and the Adobe Creative Suite. To support the curriculum teachers may also integrate specific web-based tools into their teaching.

Because we know that not every student currently owns or is in a position to bring a device to school each day, we are happy to provide both long-term loans and purchase-through-the-school options.

Technology Resources

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  • High-speed fiber connection

  • Google Workspace for Education for email and productivity tools

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Suite

  • Office 2019 productivity suite available

  • Large format and 3-D printer

  • ClearTouch Interactive Boards with internet connection

Technology Faculty

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  • Photo of Martha Borden

    Martha Borden 

    Director of I.T.
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