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Recognition Day 2020

Recognition Day 2020 has come and gone without much fanfare this year due to the pandemic. Typically, this is the last official day of school when students, faculty, and family come together one last time to acknowledge and celebrate the hard work of the student body and recognize exemplary effort and achievement. It is also a time when the current student council transitions the new slate of representatives into office, and the community says goodbye to departing faculty. 

After 19 years of teaching Life Science, Physical Science, Taekwondo, summer programs for students and grandparents, taking students to Norway for the Scandinavian Seminar trips, running the Science Internship Program, and hosting students in her lab, Dr. Virginia Edgcomb is stepping down from her classroom duties at Falmouth Academy. She will, however, continue as the faculty coordinator of the Internship Program and will continue to host students in her WHOI lab.

Marite Burns started at Falmouth Academy in 2015 as a part-time ceramics teacher after more than 30 years in the Sandwich School District. Now, she is ready to retire again to pursue other interests and activities and to keep up with her grandchildren.

Alex Nestor will join the math department and coach boys varsity soccer in the fall and girls varsity soccer in the spring at the Tatnall School in Wilmington, Delaware. Nestor taught Algebra 1A, Algebra 2 A and B, and BC Calculus; coached boys varsity soccer and girls middle school basketball; and was an advisor and tutor.

Vickie Vieira also came out of retirement to work part-time at Falmouth Academy as the Director of Choral Programs this year after a long and full career at Mashpee High School. She will now return to the business of retirement.

In order to keep alive a small measure of the community spirit characteristic of Recognition Day, please look through the list of award recipients and the lovely remarks written by the teachers. Although we were not able to gather together in person to celebrate and say farewell, we can do so in spirit. Thank you to our departing faculty, well done to our students, welcome new student leaders, and goodbye and good luck to the Class of 2020.

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