Student Life

The school day doesn’t end at 2:45 pm.  Athletes practice, actors rehearse, members of the stage crew create sets and student photographers roam the campus.  Students gather in study groups or meet individually with teachers.  When our teams play at home games we cheer for our Mariners.

Our choral groups perform at local nursing homes.  During March vacation, foreign language students travel to Nice, France or Heidelberg, Germany for homestay exchanges. The Jazz Band offers a series of concerts in the White Mountains in early summer.

Service projects abound.  Students organize book drives, collect mittens and hats, raise funds for students in Africa, volunteer at the Falmouth Service Center and engage in numerous other activities, reflecting awareness of what it means to be members of communities at school, in our region and across the globe.


In the television/radio news industry there is often very little time to resolve a technical issue.  I frequently need to come up with creative fixes. These critical thinking skills are the same ones I acquired at FA, from figuring out how to solve senior-year physics problems, to troubleshooting faulty guitar amps moments before a Friday night jazz band performance."

James Reber '09, Broadcast Engineer at BBC News