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Student Council plays an important role in the Falmouth Academy community. This group of seventeen students acts as a sounding board for new ideas, activities, and policies that the faculty and administration are curious about. It helps monitor the moods of various grades within FA and that of the community as a whole and tries to help as much as possible when the rare challenge does arise. Student Council coordinates a number of events to raise money for charities and to elevate school morale in general.

In the Fall, Student Council supports and plans activities associated with the Back-to-School picnic, coordinates soccer tailgates, and provides leadership for Marconi beach day. Winter activities include a blood drive, the annual charity Gala, and a bingo/game night. In the spring a boisterous Spirit Week, along with the annual Talent Show and a spirited game of all-school capture the flag keeps morale high and Student Council bustling.

Student Council feels that its job is to promote and tend to the culture of the school, ensuring that FA is a place of cooperation, imagination, kindness, trust, responsibility, wit, and energy.
2020-21 Officers
President Saniya Rajagopal '21
Vice President James Goldbach '21
Treasurer Maisie Saganic '21
Secretary Tasha Sudofsky '22

12th Grade Class Officers
Noah Glasgow
Victoria Searle

11th Grade Class Officers
Sarah Thieler
Zach Crampton

10th Grade Class Officers
Ben Giumetti
Mateo Vasquez

9th Grade Class Officers
Noah Manning
Evan Freedman

8th Grade Class Officers
Jackson Gierhart
Aubryn Dubois

 7th Grade Officers
- will be elected at the beginning of the school year


The annual Falmouth Academy Gala is a formal event put on by Student Council in January.  It is open to the entire Falmouth Academy community. Families are invited for a night of games, raffles, and dancing, with proceeds going to a charity selected by the Student Council. 

Spirit Week 2019

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