Welcome Back!

An emerging Falmouth Academy tradition is for the Student Council President and the Head of School to kick off the school year by imparting some words of wisdom and setting the tone for the year ahead. At the end of the first All-School Meeting, the new president and vice president officially ring in the new school year by hitting the ceremonial gong that also rings out the outgoing senior class at graduation. 

Please enjoy the inspiring words offered first by the 2023-2024 Student Council President Sabrina Vazquez ’23.

Welcome and welcome back everyone. I hope you all had a restful but fun summer and are looking forward to starting the school year. To everyone I met at the new student orientation, I hope you are settling in, meeting new people, and getting ready for the amazing year that lies ahead. 

Maybe you'll remember what you wore today, who you met, your first class, or what you had for lunch, but make sure to save some room in your mind for all the memories that are waiting to be made, and the achievements you will soon accomplish.

You each have a blank canvas with your name on it, ready for all your hard work and creativity. 

You might not realize it today, but soon you'll see that you have the chance to embrace not only who you are, but who you aspire to be. The goals you set right now will be the foundation for future success here at FA, and the path you embark on after. All of this can come off as a little daunting or intimidating—but another thing you've got going for you is time—and you are in control of what you do with it.

And this doesn't just go for those who are in the younger grades, but for everyone who makes up this school.

The start of a new school year means you get to decide what stays and what goes. An elective you loved and want to keep participating in, a sport you picked up and now can't imagine not playing, or maybe a bad habit you'd like to break, an attitude that needs shifting, or a mindset that's holding you back. Now is the time to check off what's been staying on your mental to-do list for longer than it's welcomed. It's not easy, but what better time than now? 

It's a new year, new beginnings, and a new environment that's waiting for you to add something special. Give yourself the reward of being able to look back on this year with a sense of pride, and not regret for the multitude of things you wished you'd done. It's a challenge, but the people next to you, across from you, and behind you want you to succeed.

Maybe that's a new experience for you, but here at FA we not only encourage but celebrate your accomplishments. All the cards are in your favor.

So I guess I'll leave you with this: 

Make this year mean something. Make it the year you want. And make yourself the reason it was so great.
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