Pride is Every Day

Today kicks off Pride Month and on Friday, May 27, Falmouth Academy observed Pride Day with the help of students in FA's Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA). At All-School Meeting, Yaz '26 made the following announcement:

"As you may know, today is Pride Day at Falmouth Academy, and it’s meant to represent the whole of Pride Month, which starts next Wednesday. Pride commemorates the Stonewall Riots, which began on June 28, 1969, in New York as a response to police brutality against the LGBTQ community - an already oppressed group. These riots sparked the current generation of LGBTQ+ activism seeking both human and civil rights. In recent decades, many of these rights have been secured. This past week, there have been discussions about not holding Pride Day this year due to other issues we felt were also important. But taking a closer look, these issues closely intersect with LGBTQIA+ controversies, specifically those surrounding transgender people. We are talking about human and civil rights. In addition to the highest numbers of trans and non-binary violence ever recorded this past year, people’s basic rights are being brought into question—their right to use a public restroom, play sports, or even have access to healthcare. I mean, the United States is currently mired in controversy regarding people’s rights to their own bodies. It’s hard to be trans right now and look at the news and not be afraid for your rights, or even your life. That’s why, in the midst of national and global crises, it’s so important for us to remember Pride. We have to create spaces where queer people can feel safe and take a break from the stifling media. So this year, rather than excessive celebration we ask each of us to take time to educate ourselves and help to create a safe space for all. Thank you."
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