Cell Food in Sharon Kreamer's Biology Class

10th-grade students in Sharon Kreamer's biology capped off their unit learning about cell biology with a delicious assignment to create edible cell models. Limited only by their imagination, students cooked up all sorts of demonstrations including cakes, watermelon soup, and pizza. 
Oona's pizza model smartly shows cell division in action and Wylie's watermelon was voted most disgusting. He made a 3D model using a watermelon for the cell wall with a mixture of food stuffs including fruit, veggies, and spam for the cell features and a blend of mayonnaise with yogurt for the cytoplasm. It's a good thing that the treats weren't shared this year.

Earlier in the unit, students made Tiktok videos to demonstrate mitosis. "The design and creativity totally exceeded my expectations!" enthused Kreamer.

Click here to enjoy a video made by Sabrina and Daniela set to the music of Taylor Swift, who's made a career memorializing break-ups.
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