Fate of the North Atlantic Right Whale

As part of a unit on ecology, the ninth grade spent last week learning about endangered species in Liz Klein's Geology and Environmental Studies class. Dr. Peter Corkeron, chair of the Krause Marine Mammal Conservation Program at the New England Aquarium, spoke with the students about the North Atlantic Right Whale (NARW) as part of the unit.

The NARW is one of the world’s most endangered large marine mammals with fewer than 400 individuals left in the wild. Dr. Corkeron spoke with the students about the pressures and hazards facing the whales which include entanglements in fishing gear, ship strikes, and stress from oceanic noise pollution. After his presentation, students came up with a variety of ways to communicate what they had learned. Some chose to make informational posters about the plight of the NARW, while others expressed their learning in art and poetry. For those more interested in learning about the NARW, please visit this NOAA website that provides information on the species and various conservation efforts.
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