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Noodling with Greek Mythology

Librarian Britta Santamauro
7th graders are working on a collaborative project between English and Study Skills. Each student is researching a Greek Deity using online library resources. The focus is not only on learning about Greek Mythology but also on how to use all features of the online research platform NoodleTools, especially on how to create and use the digital notecards. Since everything is online and shared with their teachers, the students’ thinking is immediately visible. Teachers are able to monitor their students’ progress and can correct and leave detailed feedback. Furthermore, the notecards are designed into three different sections. One for the original quote, one for the paraphrase, and one for the student’s own questions and comments. This design guides the student through his or her research. They learn to synthesize information and how to avoid plagiarism. In the end, each student will present his or her findings to their classmates.  

The project ties into the 7th-grade third-trimester theme of Greek Mythology. They are currently reading Black Ships Before Troy, by Rosemary Sutcliffe, a retelling of the Iliad, and will culminate with the Greek drama festival at the end of May.
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