Academic Program

Statistics, Trigonometry, and Functions

The course is a bridge between Algebra II and Pre-Calculus and consists of three major units: statistics, trigonometry, and functions.

The statistics unit begins with an analysis of data organization principles and then proceeds to measures of center and measures of dispersion. Students examine real-world systems in the context of confidence intervals and hypothesis testing.  Binomial probability is the final unit, including binomial distributions and the normal distribution.

The unit on trigonometry begins with angles and their representations in both degrees and radians. The six standard trigonometric functions are then introduced. The concepts of amplitude, phase, period and vertical displacement are explored in the context of practical as well as theoretical applications. Finally, the unit ends with triangle trigonometry and its practical and theoretical applications.  

The final unit, functions, examines polynomials, rational expressions, exponential and logarithmic functions, systems of equations, and conics in both theoretical and practical applications.  Graphical analysis and modeling with each type of function are explored in depth. The extensive use of graphing calculators plays a significant role in this course.
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