Signature Programs
The Fourth Period Electives

Sports and Movement

Fitness for Life
Recreation Games
Tai Chi
Full Year Course that meets once a week 

Yoga - The teenage years often have lots of stressful conditions from schoolwork, social anxiety, peer or parental pressure, and the future looming ahead. A yoga class during the day offers students a chance to work their bodies while giving their minds a break. Students will learn how to slow down while warming up! 

Full Year Course that students may add or drop at trimester breaks 

Fitness for Life - This elective meets once weekly during fourth period. The class meets at the Falmouth Sports Center. Students in the Fitness for Life class have access to the health facility. Students use an unparalleled variety of strength and fitness equipment. Students are required to monitor their personal fitness plan throughout the year. Participants are also required to submit their activity sheet at the end of each trimester. 

Curling (grades 9-12) Sweep! Hard! Hard! Wondering what these terms mean and how they affect a stone on ice? Curious why the sport is called curling? Interested in learning how to play a truly lifelong sport? In this elective, students will be able to walk to the Cape Cod Curling Club during fourth period in order to learn the rules, techniques, and strategies of curling.

Trimester-long Courses 

Recreational Games - This elective allows students to participate in a variety of recreational activities based on interests. Students play Basketball, Flag Football, Capture The Flag, Soccer, Volleyball, Team Handball, Swamp Ball, Kickball, Wiffle Ball, Badminton, Castle Ball, and Dodge Ball along with a variety of games of low organization.

Recreational Games T2: Volleyball/Badminton - Participants will play and develop skills to play and understand the strategies of both Volleyball and Badminton. This elective will run for one trimester. Volleyball: An introductory course in the fundamentals of volleyball including passing, serving, setting and spiking. Students will learn rules and court strategy for playing the game. Emphasis will be on total fitness and recreational skills for leisure and lifetime activities. Badminton: Designed for the student who has little or no experience in the game of badminton. The course places major emphasis on the rules, terminology, and the basic fundamentals necessary for participation in badminton at the beginning level.

Recreational Games T3: Games of Low Organization  - the main purposes of low organizational games are to maximize gameplay and participation of all players, to create an environment that encourages fair play and emphasizes the importance of fitness, teamwork, and fun while developing at least one game skill and body management skills. Games will be similar to Recreational Games.

Tai Chi Students - can defy winter blues by adding Tai Chi to their second-trimester course schedule! Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that embraces the Yin and Yang (opposing forces interdependent with one another). This class will explore the short form of Tai Chi Chuan, which links twelve individual movements into one fluid form. This relaxing form of exercise has vast benefits to health and wellbeing, and best of all, it is fun to learn! Coupled with Qigong (breathwork), Tai Chi is healthy stress-reducing and students are likely to enjoy in and out of class.  
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