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2020 Virtual Arts Show

2020 Spring Art Showcase

Every year the Falmouth Academy Arts Department organizes an end-of-the-year art show and spring concert to showcase student work from the art and music electives. This year, the department has adapted the show to an online format and separated the art show from the spring concert. This year the annual spring concert is renamed to the 2020 Forever Concert since it will air virtually on June 5 and captured on video for posterity.
This virtual art show includes student work from ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, and woodworking. It also features a senior retrospective by Ellie Mattison, a senior solo by Cather Zhang, as well as a dramatic reading of A Prairie Home Companion performed and produced by advanced drama students and actors from the spring play.
At least two-thirds of the student body is represented here, and the art ranges from darkroom photographs to wheel-thrown pottery, hand-carved benches to artist-inspired self-portraits.


Drawing - Intro (Tuesdays)

Drawing - Intro (Wednesdays)

Drawing - Advanced

Painting - Advanced


Photography - Intro

Photography - Intermediate

Photography - Advanced


Senior Retrospectives and Solos

Senior Solos are typically a highlight of the spring concert and give graduating seniors a chance to share their musical talent by performing a piece of music of their choosing. This year, Cather Zhang went one step further to record herself playing four parts of Mozart's Symphony Number 25, k. 183, the first movement on her flute, and then edit them together to produce this stunning performance. Congratulations, Cather!

Ellie Mattison's Senior Retrospective

Cather Zhang Senior Solo

A Prairie Home Companion by FA Players

Since the spring play was canceled this year, committed thespians brainstormed an alternative to the spring production. Students in advanced drama and members of the spring cast came together to perform and produce an audio recording of A Prairie Home Companion under the direction of Liz Ledwell with technical support from Charlie Jodoin.
    • A Prairie Home Companion

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