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2020 Forever Concert

2020 Spring Forever Concert

Every year the Falmouth Academy Arts Department organizes an end-of-the-year art show and spring concert to showcase student work from the art and music electives. This year, the department has adapted both the art show and concert to an online format. We invite you to enjoy the 2020 Forever Concert captured for posterity on video with the help of a cadre of technicians and videographers. Special thanks to Ian Good of the New York Philharmonic, Charles Jodoin, James Goldbach, Marcus Greco, Martha Borden, and George Scharr for their technical support; and to  Paul Weller, Norma Stiner and George Scharr for providing musical accompaniment; and to all the performers and music teachers for this lovely performance. Enjoy!

Please note: Due to technical difficulty, not all the videos are available. They will be included ASAP. Please check back. Thank you.
2020 Forever Concert Program

FA Chorus

Come Sail Away with Me 
La Serenade
by Franz Schubert
Words by J. Paul Williams
Arranged by Lloyd Larson

FA Honors Quartet
Voice on the Wind 
by Sarah Quartel

Advanced Instrumental Ensemble
Just In Time
Maisie Saganic, vocals
James Goldbach, alto sax 

Advanced Jazz Combo 
So What
Matthew Coggins '23
Lucca MacDonald '21
James Goldbach '21

Rock Band
By Black Sabbath
-Guitar Solos-
Quincy Boardman '20
Sam Kellogg '23 and Tyler Harmon '22

String Ensemble
By Rimsky-Korsakov
Arranged by Carrie Lane Gruselle

Senior Solo
Symphony No. 5 k.183 (first movement)
Cather Zhang '20

List of 5 members.

  • Photo of George Scharr

    Mr. George Scharr 

    Arts Department Chair/Director, Community Relations
  • Photo of Paul Weller

    Mr. Paul Weller 

  • Photo of Vickie Vieira

    Ms. Vickie Vieira 

  • Photo of Norma Stiner

    Ms. Norma Stiner 

  • Photo of Jay Goldbach

    Mr. Jay Goldbach 

"This year has taught us that we can stretch and grow in new ways resulting in greater depth and breadth of musical talent. We are grateful for the willingness of our staff and students to continually adapt and grow. A special tip of the hat to Ms. Vickie Vieira who came out of retirement to lead our chorus this year. We wish her well in future endeavors"
-Mr. George Scharr

FA Chorus-Come Sail Away

FA Advanced Instrumental - Just in Time

FA String Ensemble-Scheherazade

FA Honors Quartet-Voice on the Wind

FA Advanced Jazz Ensemble-So What

Senior Retrospectives and Solos

Senior Solos are typically a highlight of the spring concert and give graduating seniors a chance to share their musical talent by performing a piece of music of their choosing. This year, Cather Zhang went one step further to record herself playing four parts of Mozart's Symphony Number 25, k. 183, the first movement on her flute, and then edit them together to produce this stunning performance. Congratulations, Cather!

Cather Zhang Senior Solo

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