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The Fourth Period Electives

Please note: the program described on this page is applicable when we are operating without pandemic-related restrictions; currently, many but not all of the electives listed here have been relocated to after school. 

Explore your interests

The Fourth Period is the center of our school day. For 70 minutes, students and faculty step beyond traditional academic subjects to explore an eclectic variety of arts, publications, service, and other topics ranging from “Animate” to “Farm and Garden” to "Yoga for Teens.” 

During the Fourth Period, students from all grades come together to collaborate, create and engage different parts of their brains. Our superb music ensembles meet during this time as do our visual arts classes, and the work they produce is showcased throughout the year at seasonal concerts and in rotating art exhibits.

Our over 40+ electives allow for a breadth and depth of choice. Some are offered for a full-year while others are a trimester-long. Students are required to take at least one elective per year but typically take two or three. Upper-school students must complete two year-long art electives as part of the graduation requirement.


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  • Academic

    Creative Writing & Literary Magazine
    Cognitive Psychology
    Forensic Science
    Identity, Power, and Privilege: Windows into Modern American Culture
    Latin, Beginning and Advanced
    Literary Criticism, Analysis, and Joyful Discussion
    Social Psychology: The Environment That Shapes Us

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  • Art

    Animate! Stop-Motion with Claymation & Video
    Ceramics, Beginning, Advanced
    Drawing, Introductory, Advanced
    Painting, Introductory, Advanced
    Photography, Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced

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  • Music and Drama

    Drama, Middle School, Introductory, Advanced
    Study of Film, Introductory, Advanced
    Instrumental Ensemble Mixed, Advanced
    Musical Theater
    Rock Band
    Stage Craft
    String Ensemble

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  • Sports and Movement

    Fitness for Life
    Recreation Games
    Tai Chi
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  • Sustainability and Community

    Mullen Hall Volunteering
    Engage: Service Local and Global
    Farm and Garden Arts
    Small-Space Indoor Gardening
    Volunteering at JML Care Center
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  • Technology

    Animate! Stop-Motion with Claymation & Video
    Python Programming / Programming
    Intro to Graphic Design
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"Studying drama and music at Falmouth Academy, I developed confidence, camaraderie and a unique voice, which became my greatest assets as a professional actor. These are benefits that I continue to reap in all aspects of my life." —Brian Miskell '06, Actor
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