Welcome to Falmouth Academy, a school that has amazed me every day for over thirty years. 

Our students enjoy a challenging and stimulating academic environment where high achievement is the result of close collaboration with talented and dedicated teachers.  Students are well-known and nurtured not only by their teachers, but by their peers as well.  Classes are deliberately small, and all voices are heard and encouraged.  Our curriculum respects the traditions of a well-founded education, while at the same time reflecting innovative teaching and learning.  At all levels, our program focuses on key skills such as critical thinking, effective writing, and synthesizing of ideas. 

 As an independent school, our faculty develop their own curricula free of outside restrictions such as standardized testing; we are proudly not a test-driven school.  Yet, our academic profile routinely features SAT scores amongst the highest in the region and impressive AP test success, even though we don’t follow the AP curriculum!   The Mariner Class of 2017 collectively was offered more than two million dollars in merit aid.

Beyond the classroom, we offer celebrated programs in athletics, led by experienced teacher coaches and served by terrific athletic facilities.  The arts are central to a Falmouth Academy education, and our students annually win numerous regional and state level awards in studio arts, drama, and music.  I invite you to come and visit the gorgeous Simon Center for the Arts, which just opened this past spring.

There is a sense of community here that is palpable. Our students, faculty and staff embrace a caring environment where kindness, respect, and responsible behavior are the norms.  You can see and feel this spirit each day at our All-School Meeting where you are likely to hear a younger student’s first ever announcement met with enthusiastic and supportive applause. 

I encourage you to learn more about the richly rewarding opportunities Falmouth Academy has to offer.  Explore our website and then contact our Admission Office and arrange to have your child spend a day with us.  You will discover for yourselves a unique and joyous learning experience.

I look forward to meeting you!     

Warm Regards,

Rob Wells, Head of School