The Winter Wichtels are here!

Winter Witchel Project

Falmouth Academy's German program is launching its big "Winter-Wichtel" project, a play on a cultural tradition that will serve as a fundraiser for the Falmouth Service Center. All students of German in grades 7-12 are involved in the project that will collect donations through December 31.  CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

In Nordic tales, Wichtels are doers of good deeds. Students in German classes created their own Wichtel and his/her story. They are now introducing him/her to the public in the hope that the community will support the Wichtel's project. 100% of all donations will go to the Falmouth Service Center. All supporters will receive thank you notes from the Wichtels.

The Wichtels are on display in the lobby of Falmouth Academy's Simon Center; their stories can be read at the Winter-Wichtel website.

The Wichtel project is supported by a grant from the German Embassy's Netzwerk Deutsch.

Falmouth Academy is a designated AATG German Canter of Excellence