The Authentic Voice

Words give expression to ideas—they are powerful tools.  Words can foment revolution or create peace.  They explain everything, and sometimes fail us.

From the moment they arrive until the day they graduate, our students are guided to develop their authentic voices.  Writing and speaking are at the center of daily learning. By the time they are seniors, our students are prepared to write college essays that don’t sound canned, craft peer recommendations that pierce the heart, and present 45-minute lectures on topics of their own choosing.  At Graduation, each senior rises and offers a public tribute to a fellow classmate.

When they depart for college, Falmouth Academy graduates own a writing process that they have honed, know how to participate meaningfully in seminar discussions and confidently engage their professors inside and outside of the classroom.

Highlights of The Authentic Voice:

  • Greek Drama Festival
  • Declamation Day
  • Athens vs Sparta Debate
  • History Research Paper with Oral Defense
  • Foreign Language class skit and song presentations
  • Science Fair presentations and judging
  • Senior Major Project
  • Rhetoric class

Falmouth Academy helped prepare me for the rigors of the real world. Reporting requires a high level of intensity and dedication that FA definitely requires of students. Having small class sizes made me unafraid to speak up in class, which is a quality that is good to have as a reporter."

Rosie Gray '08, White House correspondent, The Atlantic