Math Models and Introduction to Calculus

Math Models and Intro to Calculus is offered to those seniors who have completed Statistics, Trigonometry, and Functions and those students who have completed Pre-Calculus and are not going on to Calculus in high school. In rare cases, students who have only completed Algebra II may petition to enter the course.

The course is designed so that students use many of the topics they have covered in previous math course in long-term projects. It also allows the students to apply a variety of topics together in the completion of one major goal.  The spring trimester includes an introduction to Calculus, including limits and derivatives; consequently, most students are well-prepared to take first semester Calculus.

There are two major goals to the course. The first is to provide students with the opportunity to apply the mathematical concepts that they have learned in the past three years to a variety of “real world” situations, including an extensive study of financial literacy and investing. The second goal of the course is to provide the students with a strong enough mathematical background so that, at the end of this course, they are prepared for college calculus. There is an emphasis on problem solving, group work, and sharing of ideas.