College & Career Networking Day

Eleven discussions will be moderated by twenty-five alumni, including Rosie Gray ’08, political reporter for The Atlantic Monthly and member of the White House Press Corps, who will have been the keynote speaker the previous evening at the Falmouth Academy Community Series. After the event, alumni are invited to all-school meeting for the annual singing of "12 Days of Christmas."

The roundtables are organized by topic and the categories and alumni presenters are:

The College Experience 
Max Aaronson ’16 (Ohio Wesleyan University), Mary Kate Jones ’17 (University of Maine), Gia Ledwell ’17 (UMASS Boston), Owen Sullivan ’15 (Wesleyan University)

Studying Abroad
Stephanie (Pommrehn) Marshall ’07 (St. Andrews University; Vice President, BlackRock, London)

Playing Sports in College
Robert Eder ’15 (Vassar College), Eliza Van Voorhis ’17 (Middlebury College)

Graduate Programs: Science, Medical School, Law School
Ali Baker ’04 (Cornell University, Washington University School of Medicine), Jonathan Mayo ’91 (Suffolk University, Suffolk University Law School), Sarah (Lafaver) McCarron ’96 (St. Lawrence University and Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University), Margot Wilsterman ’11 (Connecticut College and UMASS Dartmouth Graduate School)

Internships & Working in Business
Carlo Bocconcelli ’14 (Harvard College), Kevin Holmes ’92 (Boston College; Vice President, Commercial Lending, TD Bank), Lily Patterson ’14 (Fordham University)

Art & Design Study and Careers
Harly Hutker ’11 (Northeastern University)

Journalism Careers
Brittany Feldott ’12 (Georgetown University; Reporter, Falmouth Enterprise; Director of Communications, Cape Cod Church), Rosie Gray ’08 (New York University; Staff Reporter, The Atlantic Monthly)

Military Careers
Tedd Black ’92 (Virginia Military Institute, Norwich University)

Computer Science 
Mike Dubin ’82 (Dean College and UMass Dartmouth '87; Web Content Manager/Developer at IBM), Ronna ten Brink ’13 (Tufts University; Human Factors Engineer, UX Research & Design)

Careers in Engineering
Kyle Benton ’12 (Northeastern University; Mechanical Engineer, Continuum), Max von der Heydt ’02 (Brown University and Carnegie Mellon University; Mechanical Engineer at Boston Dynamics)                              

Teaching Careers
Michael Deasy ’10 (UMASS and Bread Loaf School of English; Teacher/Coach, Falmouth Academy), Bene Webster ’09 (Mt. Holyoke and Harvard Graduate School of Education)